Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Ali Ahmadi-Pajouh


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Ali Ahmadi-Pajouh, 2010.






Ali joined the lab in 2010 as a visiting scholar from Amirkabir University, Tehran, where he was a PhD student.  The day of his arrival we had the biggest snow storm of the decade, and Baltimore closed down for a week.  Despite that, Ali, his wife, and young child, thrived during the year that they were at Hopkins.  He performed significant research, discovering that the brain modulated the reflex pathways in the delay period preceding onset of a reaching movement, and that this modulation changed as the brain adapted to a force field.  He subsequently was appointed Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering at Amirkabir University in Tehran.


Preparing to reach: selecting an adaptive long-latency feedback controller. MA Ahmadi-Pajouh, F Towhidkhah, and R Shadmehr (2012) Journal of Neuroscience 32:9537-9545.


Changes in corticospinal excitability during reach adaptation in force fields. JJ Orban deXivry, MA Ahmadi-Pajouh, MD Harran, Y Salimpour, and R Shadmehr (2012) Journal of Neurophysiology 109:124-136.