Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Ali Ghazizadeh


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Ali Ghazizadeh, 2003


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Ali and wife with Mollie Marko, Sarah Pekny, Lab dinner, San Diego, 2010.


Ali joined the lab as an MS BME student in 2003.  Ali demonstrated that by using theory of optimal estimation, it was possible to account for generalization patterns that take place during motor learning.  He was also instrumental in devising the two-state model of motor learning.  After completing his MS, he enrolled as a PhD student at UC Berkeley.


His research were published in the following works:


Interacting adaptive processes with different timescales underlie short-term motor learning.  MA Smith, A Ghazizadeh, and R Shadmehr (2006) PLoS Biology 4:e179. Abstract Synopsis  Citations


Generalization of motor learning depends on history of prior action. JW Krakauer, P Mazzoni, A Ghazizadeh, R Ravindran, and R Shadmehr (2006) PLoS Biology, 4:e316. Abstract  Citations


State-space models of online acquisition in motor memory. Ali Ghazizadeh (2005) MS Thesis, Johns Hopkins University.