Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Arash Hadipour-Niktarash


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Arash Hadipour-Niktarash, 2005


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Arash Hadipour-Niktarash and Christine Lee, 2006



Arash joined the lab as a postdoc in 2005, after completing his MD and research training from the Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Tehran.  He was the first student in the lab to use transcranial magnetic stimulation as a method to investigate the neural basis of motor learning.  He is currently in the Neurology Residency Program at the University of Chicago.


The results of his research were published in the following papers:


Impairment of retention but not acquisition of a visuomotor skill through time-dependent disruption of primary motor cortex. A Hadipour-Niktarash, CK Lee, JE Desmond, and R Shadmehr (2007) Journal of Neuroscience 27:13413-13419. Abstract Citations