Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Christine K. Lee


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Reza, Vincent Huang, Tushar Rane, Jun Izawa, Christine Lee, and Minnan Xu-Wilson.  Niagara Falls, 2006.


Christine joined the lab as a MS BME student in 2004, after completing her BS from Harvard University.  She used transcranial magnetic stimulation to uncover the function of the human motor cortex during reach adaptation.  After completing her MS, she joined the MD/PhD program at Stanford University.


Her results were published in the following works:


Impairment of retention but not acquisition of a visuomotor skill through time-dependent disruption of primary motor cortex. A Hadipour-Niktarash, CK Lee, JE Desmond, and R Shadmehr (2007) Journal of Neuroscience 27:13413-13419. Abstract


Time-dependent contribution of primary motor cortex to visuomotor memory retention. Christine Lee (2006) MS Thesis Johns Hopkins University.