Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Greg Ariff


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Greg Ariff, 2001.


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Reza Shadmehr, Maneesh Dewan, Stephanie Wainscott, Greg Ariff (holding Roxanna), Opher Donchin (holding Alexander), Tanaya Shadmehr, Joe Francis, and EunJung Hwang.  Spain, 2001.


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Greg Ariff, with a wrist impedance measurement device designed and constructed by Sami Kandarian, 2001.


Greg joined the lab in 1999.  He was a MS BME student who focused on quantifying adaptation of forward models.  His tool was saccadic eye movements as a proxy for the forward model during reach adaptation.  He is currently Senior Project Engineer, MPR Associates Inc.


His research results were published in the following works:


A real-time state predictor in motor control: study of saccadic eye movements during unseen reaching movements. G Ariff, O Donchin, T Nanayakkara, and R Shadmehr (2002) Journal of Neuroscience 22:7721-7729.  Abstract  Citations


The influence of a forward model of arm dynamics on eye behavior in saccadic tracking of manual reaching tasks. Greg D. Ariff (2001) MS Thesis, Johns Hopkins University.