Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Joseph T. Francis


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Joe Francis, 2001


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Lab lunch, July 2002


Brooklyn, 2013


Joe joined the lab in 2001 as a postdoc, after completing a PhD in Neuroscience at the George Washington University.  He worked on state-space methods and its application to motor adaptation, as well as the effect of time on motor memory.  He is now Associate Professor of Physiology at the State University of New York.


The results of his research were published in the following papers:


Quantifying generalization from trial-by-trial behavior of adaptive systems that learn with basis functions: Theory and experiments in human motor control. O Donchin, JT Francis, and R Shadmehr (2003) Journal of Neuroscience, 23:9032-9045.  Abstract Supplementary-material  


Generalization as a function of velocity and duration: human reaching movements.  JT Francis (2008) Experimental Brain Research 186:23-37.