Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Maneesh Dewan


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Maneesh Dewan, 2000


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Stephanie Wainscott, Reza Shadmehr, EunJung Hwang, Greg Ariff, Opher Donchin, and Maneesh Dewan, Western Maryland, 2001.


Maneesh joined the lab as a MS BME student in 2000, after completing a BS from IIT Kharagpur, India.  He worked on the design and construction of the fMRI robot, computing the configuration space and force properties of the device.  The device was built and allowed our lab to perform the first fMRI experiments in which the neural basis of reaching movements in humans could be investigated.  After completing his MS, he enrolled in the Computer Science PhD program at Johns Hopkins, working in the Computational Interaction and Robotics Lab.  He is now a Research Scientist at Siemens Medical Solutions.


M Dewan. Design, Construction and Testing of an fMRI Compatible Robotic Arm. MS thesis, August 2002, Johns Hopkins University.