Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Nikhil Bhushan


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Nikhil Bhushan, 1996


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Maurice Smith and Nikhil Bhushan, 1997.


Nikhil joined the lab in 1996 as our second MS BME student.  Nikhil investigated the role of forward models in motor adaptation.  Using a theoretical approach that looked for signatures of the forward and inverse models, Nikhil was able to infer that during motor adaptation, the rate of change in the forward model appears to be significantly faster than the change in the inverse model.  He subsequently joined Medtronic Corp.  He is currently Senior Product Manager at Vital Images. 


His research resulted in the following papers:


Computational nature of human adaptive control during learning of reaching movements in force fields. N Bhushan, and R Shadmehr (1999) Biological Cybernetics 81:39-60. Abstract  Citations


Evidence for a forward dynamics model in human adaptive motor control. N Bhushan and R Shadmehr (1999) Adv Neural Inform Proc Systems 11:3-9.  Abstract Citations


A Computational Approach to Human Adaptive Motor Control. Nikhil Bhushan (1998) MS Thesis, Johns Hopkins University.