Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Opher Donchin


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Opher Donchin, 2000


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Greg Ariff and Opher Donchin, June 2000.


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Opher Donchin, Stephanie Wainscott, and Goran Dordevic. Gore vs. Bush, Supreme Court, Washington DC, December 2000.


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Stephanie Wainscott, Reza Shadmehr, EunJung Hwang, Greg Ariff, Opher Donchin, and Maneesh Dewan. Western Maryland, 2001.


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Tushar Rane, Vincent Huang, and Opher Donchin. 2005.


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Opher Donchin, Joern Diedrichsen, Haiyin Chen-Harris, Sherwin Hua, Reza Shadmehr, Siavash Vaziri, Vincent Huang, Maurice Smith, Bardia Behabadi, Stephanie Wainscott, and EunJung Hwang.  2003


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Opher Donchin (with Michael), and Reza Shadmehr. Tel Aviv 2007.


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Reza Shadmehr and Opher Donchin, Tel Aviv 2007.


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Opher Donchin and John Krakauer, Lab dinner, San Diego 2010.



Opher joined the lab in 2000, after completing a PhD in Computational Neuroscience from Hebrew University, and a BS in Mathematics from MIT.  He won a Whitaker Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Biomedical Engineering program at Johns Hopkins.  He was central to extending the state-space approach to quantify generalization patterns in motor learning.  He demonstrated that adaptation was not a process of disturbance rejection, but a process of optimization.  He generously gave his time to help the research of many students, including Maurice Smith, Sarah Hemminger and EunJung Hwang.  He subsequently became Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Ben Gurion University, Israel.  He subsequently became Professor and Chair of the BME Dept. at Ben Gurion University.


The results of his research were published in the following papers:


Acquisition of internal models of motor tasks in children with autism. JC Gidley-Larson, AJ Bastian, O Donchin, R Shadmehr, and SH Mostofsky (2008) Brain 131:2894-2903.  Abstract Citations


Motor adaptation as a process of reoptimization.  J Izawa, T Rane, O Donchin, and R Shadmehr (2008) Journal of Neuroscience 28:2883-2891.  Abstract Supplementary-material Citations


Internal models and contextual cues: encoding serial order and direction of movement. SK Wainscott, O Donchin, and R Shadmehr (2005) Journal of Neurophysiology 93:786-800. Abstract  Citations


Learning dynamics of reaching. R Shadmehr, O Donchin, EJ Hwang, SE Hemminger, and A Rao (2005) Motor Cortex in Voluntary Movements: A distributed system for distributed functions, A. Riehle and E. Vaadia (eds), CRC Press, pp. 297-328.  Abstract Citations


Change in desired trajectory caused by training in a novel motor task. O Donchin and R Shadmehr (2004) Proc IEEE EMBS 26:4495-4497. Abstract Citations


A Gain-Field Encoding of Limb Position and Velocity in the Internal Model of Arm Dynamics. EJ Hwang, O Donchin, MA Smith, and R Shadmehr (2003) PLoS Biology 1(2):209-220.  Abstract  Supplementary-material  Synopsis  Citations

Quantifying generalization from trial-by-trial behavior of adaptive systems that learn with basis functions: Theory and experiments in human motor control. O Donchin, JT Francis, and R Shadmehr (2003) Journal of Neuroscience, 23:9032-9045.  Abstract Supplementary-material  Citations
Learned dynamics of reaching movements generalize from dominant to non-dominant arm. SE Criscimagna-Hemminger, O Donchin, MS Gazzaniga, and R Shadmehr (2003) Journal of Neurophysiology 89:168-176. Abstract  Citations


Mechanisms influencing acquisition and recall of motor memories. O Donchin, L Sawaki, G Madupu, LG Cohen, and R Shadmehr (2002) Journal of Neurophysiology 88:2114-2123. Abstract  Citations


Linking motor learning to function approximation: Learning in an unlearnable force field. O Donchin and R Shadmehr (2002) Adv Neural Inform Proc Systems, Dietterich T. G., Becker S., Ghahramani Z. (eds), MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, vol. 14, pp. 197-203.  Abstract Citations


A real-time state predictor in motor control: study of saccadic eye movements during unseen reaching movements. G Ariff, O Donchin, T Nanayakkara, and R Shadmehr (2002) Journal of Neuroscience 22:7721-7729.  Abstract  Citations


Jerusalem, 2016


Netherlands, 2012