Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Stephanie Wainscott


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Stephanie Wainscott 2001


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Reza Shadmehr, Maneesh Dewan, Stephanie Wainscott, Greg Ariff (holding Roxanna), Opher Donchin (holding Alexander), Tanaya Shadmehr, Joe Francis, and EunJung Hwang.  Spain, 2001.


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Stephanie’s farewell lunch, 2003.


Stephanie joined the lab in 2000.  She was a MS BME student who used state-space models to quantify encoding of contextual cues during motor adaptation.  She subsequently became an engineer with Engineer, Directed Technologies, Washington DC. 


Her research results were published in the following works:


Internal models and contextual cues: encoding serial order and direction of movement. SK Wainscott, O Donchin, and R Shadmehr (2005) Journal of Neurophysiology 93:786-800. Abstract  Citations