Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Tushar Rane


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Tushar Rane, 2004


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Tushar Rane, Jun Izawa, Christine Lee, Minnan Xu-Wilson, Reza Shadmehr, and Vincent Huang. Niagara Falls, 2006.


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Sang June Oh, Haiyin Chen-Harris, Arash Hadipour, and Tushar Rane, 2006.


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Jun Izawa, Tushar Rane, and Reza Shadmehr. Niagara Falls, 2006.


Tushar joined the lab as a MS BME student in 2004.  He studied reach adaptation from a new perspective: learning in order to optimize performance, and not simply cancel a disturbance.  He was part of the team that performed the first fMRI experiments on reach adaptation.  He subsequently joined the BME PhD program at Johns Hopkins University.


His results were published in the following works:


Neural correlates of reach errors. J Diedrichsen, Y Hashambhoy, T Rane, and R Shadmehr (2005) Journal of Neuroscience 25:9919-9931.  Abstract  Citations


Motor adaptation as a process of reoptimization.  J Izawa, T Rane, O Donchin, and R Shadmehr (2008) Journal of Neuroscience 28:2883-2891. Abstract Supplementary-material Citations


Effects of changing noise in dynamics of reaching on changes in control of reaching: an optimal control perspective. Tushar Rane (2006) MS Thesis, Johns Hopkins University.