Reza Shadmehr

Associate Professor

Department of Biological Engineering

Department of Neuroscience

John Hopkins University

Steven Wise

Research Biologist

Laboratory of Systems Neuroscience

National Institutes of Mental Health

National Institutes of Health

A Simple Muscle Model 7.4  & 7.7 musclemodel htm pdf
Forces and Torques 7.5 forcetotorque htm pdf
Stiffness of the Human Arm 8.10 stiffness htm pdf
Kinematics of a Five-Degree of Freedom Arm 9.7.2 kinematics htm pdf
Recurrent Networks 12.4 recurrentnetworks htm pdf
A Minimum Jerk Trajectory 18.2.1 minimumjerk htm pdf
Transforming a Desired Trajectory into a Control Policy 19.3.2 schaalmodel htm pdf
Introduction to Dynamics of the Human Arm 20.1 dynamics htm pdf